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Maximize Your Impact: File Your 2024 Annual Tax Returns


Under the Finance Act 2021 (as amended), all income earners, whether employers or individuals, are obligated to disclose their taxable income or losses to the income-tax Department within the first quarter of the year. Non-compliance carries significant penalties, making adherence crucial.

The Importance of Annual Tax Filing

Filing your Annual Tax Returns goes beyond bureaucratic necessity; it’s a fundamental responsibility that directly influences the well-being of your community. By accurately reporting your income and financial details, you not only avoid penalties but also ensure that the government has the necessary funds to provide essential services such as security, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Key Deadlines to Remember

While employers had until January 31st, 2024, to submit their Annual Tax Returns, personal income earners, including those earning over N30,000 monthly, have until March 31st, 2024. This extended timeframe allows individuals to meticulously report their income sources, promoting fairness in tax assessments.

Streamlining the Filing Process

Although filing your Annual Tax Returns may appear daunting, it’s a straightforward process. Simply provide details about your income, occupation, and any additional revenue sources, such as pensions or business earnings. This information enables the government to accurately assess your tax obligations and maintain fairness in taxation.

Empowering Your Community Through Taxation

Paying taxes isn’t solely a legal duty; it’s a potent means to contribute to the enhancement of your community. Your tax contributions directly fund crucial services that benefit everyone, from strengthening security to improving infrastructure and providing social amenities. Fulfilling your tax obligations actively supports your government’s efforts and drives progress and prosperity in Anambra State.

File Your 2024 Tax Return

As conscientious citizens, let’s not overlook our duty to file our 2024 Annual Tax Returns with the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service. By doing so, we uphold the law and actively invest in our community’s well-being. Together, let’s ensure Anambra State thrives and prospers for generations to come.

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