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Growing Anambra State Internally Generated Revenue Beyond Federal Allocation

Over the years, the main source of revenue for Nigeria is from the oil sector. The oil sector cannot sustain the nation forever especially now that the rise is going down.

The fall is affecting States, meaning that States with weak Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) will have problems meeting up in providing security, healthcare, education, and critical infrastructure/social amenities, as the responsibility to better the lives of the citizenry rests squarely on the shoulders of the government. The taxes paid by the citizens are utilized to keep a government alive in meeting expected obligations.

Meeting up with these responsibilities by the government depends on how compliant the taxpayers are with tax payments.

In Anambra State, the greatest challenge facing the government is the menace of illegal revenue collectors who intimidate unsuspecting citizens, and extort and collect revenues from them, leaving the State with little funds or nothing to work with.

The Government of Anambra State led by the governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo has taken the bold step to end the activities of touts in revenue collection by placing a ban on these touts from operating in the State. Government Revenue must go to the government and not to individual coffers, hence the new tax regime.

With the new Tax Regime in Anambra State, the importance of Tax education cannot be overemphasized. A proper enlightenment program will help the citizens understand the importance of tax compliance and how to make payments to the government. Through this, the menace of illegal revenue collectors will die a natural death.

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