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Maximizing Revenue: An Overview of Anambra Property Land Use Charge (APLUC)

On April 22nd, stakeholders gathered at Revenue House for a crucial meeting convened by the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service. The focus of the meeting was the implementation of Anambra Property Land Use Charge (APLUC), a significant avenue for revenue generation in the state.

Understanding APLUC

APLUC represents a fresh revenue window for Anambra State, shifting the responsibility of tenement rate collection from local governments to the state government. This levy, imposed on property owners across Nigeria, is determined by the value of both land and buildings, varying based on location and property worth.

Historical Context
The Land Use Act, enacted on March 29, 1978, by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, integrated land use regulations into the Nigerian constitution. APLUC consolidates various property and land-based rates and charges, streamlining revenue collection processes.

The Implementation Strategy
Dr. Greg Ezeilo, Executive Chairman of the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service, emphasized the necessity of digitalization in revenue collection. Manual methods are now obsolete in Anambra State, reflecting the state’s commitment to efficiency and transparency.

Key Partnerships

Cross section of stakeholders at the meeting
The success of APLUC hinges on collaboration with essential stakeholders. Surveyors play a pivotal role in mapping out allocated clusters, working alongside ICT experts and legal professionals. Consultants will spearhead enumeration efforts, with compensation structured through a percentage-based model.

Timeline and Execution Plan
Dr. Ezeilo outlined a clear timeline for implementation, proposing training sessions for contractors to commence next week. With the aim of revenue flow beginning by the middle of the following month, alignment with the established work plan is crucial for contractors.

Visualizing Progress
During the meeting, contractors were provided with a prototype showcasing enumerated clusters. This visual representation serves as a tangible demonstration of progress, fostering understanding and alignment among stakeholders.

APLUC represents more than just a revenue-generating mechanism for Anambra State; it symbolizes the state’s commitment to modernization and fiscal responsibility. By leveraging partnerships, embracing digitalization, and adhering to a structured implementation plan, Anambra is poised to maximize revenue potential while ensuring equitable property taxation


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