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Hurrah, Christ is risen: Women saw Him first!

The Dawn of Hope: Women at the Sepulcher
On a sacred Sunday morning, over two thousand years ago, the worfld was forever changed by the faith and courage of three remarkable women: Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome. These women embarked on a poignant journey to the tomb of Jesus Christ, carrying spices to anoint His body.

A Journey of Love and Devotion
As they walked towards the sepulcher, their hearts heavy with grief and love for their beloved teacher and friend, thoughts raced through their minds. Memories of Jesus’ teachings, His compassion, and the profound impact He had on their lives filled their thoughts.

The Encounter at the Tomb
Upon reaching the tomb, the women were met with a sight that would alter the course of history forever. The stone had been rolled away, and to their astonishment, the tomb was empty. Confusion and fear gripped their hearts as they tried to make sense of the inexplicable scene before them.

Angels of Hope
In the midst of their bewilderment, two radiant angels appeared to the women, their presence bathed in divine light. With voices as comforting as they were celestial, the angels spoke words that would echo through eternity, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!”

The First Witnesses of Resurrection
Overwhelmed by a mix of emotions—fear, awe, and profound joy—the women realized the magnitude of what had transpired. They were the first to witness the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of prophecies, and the dawn of a new era of faith and redemption.

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Embracing the Good News
Filled with newfound hope and purpose, the women rushed to share the incredible news with the disciples and all who would listen. Their voices trembled with excitement as they proclaimed, “He is risen! Christ lives!”

The Legacy of Faith
Through the unwavering faith and courage of these faithful women, the world received a powerful testament to the enduring truth of the resurrection. Their story reminds us that in the darkest moments, light can shine through, and in the depths of despair, hope can be found. Christ is risen indeed, and His love and salvation are offered to all who believe.


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