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Are Women the Weaker Sex?


Some people out of ignorance often think and believe that women are the weaker sex. and should be seen and treat as such. This reminds me of an incident that happened some years ago.  In the dimly lit room, the scent of antiseptic hung heavy in the air, blending with the anxious whispers of the awaiting families. In the corner, a woman sat, her hands clasped tightly together, her eyes fixed on the double doors leading to the operating theater. That woman was my sister, and she was about to undergo open-heart surgery.

Challenging Society’s Notion

Growing up, I witnessed countless moments where society tried to convince me that women were the weaker sex. It was in the subtle comments, the patronizing pats on the head, and the casual dismissal of our capabilities. But as I watched my sister face her biggest battle yet, I couldn’t help but challenge that notion why “weak” doesn’t belong in the vocabulary of women.

Strength Knows No Gender

The truth is, strength knows no gender. As my sister lay on that operating table, her chest cracked open, her heart exposed, I saw a different kind of strength. It wasn’t the brute force often associated with masculinity, but a quiet resilience that emanated from every fiber of her being. It was the strength to endure pain, to face uncertainty, and to fight against all odds.

Beyond My Sister

But this isn’t just about my sister. It’s about every woman who has been told she’s too emotional, too fragile and too weak. It’s about the single mother working two jobs to put food on the table for her children. It’s about the young girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut in a world that tells her science is for boys. It’s about the survivors who rise from the ashes of abuse and violence, refusing to be defined by their past.

Women are not the weaker sex

Redefining Strength

We often measure strength in visible feats of physical prowess, but true strength lies in the depths of the human spirit. It’s in the ability to persevere in the face of adversity, to find hope in the darkest of moments, and to stand tall even when the world tries to knock you down.

As the double doors swung open and my sister was wheeled out of the operating theater, her hand squeezed mine with a strength that defied words. In that moment, I realized that strength isn’t defined by gender, but by the unwavering determination to keep going, no matter what life throws our way. And that, my friends, is a strength that knows no bounds.


So, are women the weaker sex? Absolutely not. We are warriors, nurturers, leaders, and everything in between. We are the backbone of society, the driving force of change, and the embodiment of resilience.

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