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What To See In A Lady’s Handbag

Have you ever seen a well-dressed lady? Let’s take, for instance, a working-class lady in an oil company or a well-paying firm.

First of all, she appears in her miniskirt or trouser suit; with a long or short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, with well-manicured and vanished fingers and toenails. She appears in her designer shoes, wristwatch, and jewelry which include bracelets, rings, (wedding, engagement, or ornamental ones), anklets, necklets, and earrings (many pieces of ear lobes up to four places for the earrings), nose rings, well-made up faces with designers sunglasses, tucked inside the cranny of her top and the other side displaying the goggles itself). She wears her elegant hairdo (that could be braided, wigged-hair, or weave-on hair), and last but not least, her designer handbag.

To complete her appearance on Sunday morning for service is her (as usual), designer hats.

Then check out the steps, she walks fast and very smartly (sharp, sharp, we-say), exudes a pungent smell of designer perfume as she passes by, speaks good English, and is well-educated and cultured. That is a lady for you.

A Lady’s Handbag

A lady is incomplete without her handbag. A handbag gives the finishing touch to her lady-like appearance. Men are not supposed to see what is in a lady’s handbag. I’ve forgotten the reason given for such an action though, I am a lady myself.

Maybe, you are curious and want to know what to see in a lady’s handbag, or being a lady yourself, you want to know what should be in your handbag.

A lady’ handbag contains some toilet rolls. This is necessary for cleaning after peeing. A lady’s handbag contains a mirror, once in a while she has to look at her face and hair, to see whether everything is in place.

For the lady, that makes up, her makeup kit should be in her handbag. Once in a while, she has to redo her face. Her comb or brush or whatever she uses to put her hair into place should be in her handbag for obvious reasons. Her handkerchief, diary, cash as the need may be, her address book, her car and flat keys, and, on necessary days, her shopping list should also be in her handbag.

A lady’s handbag may contain bubble gum which she chews lady-likely and not like a goat chewing cud, writing materials like biro, pencil, a lady’s magazine, or a novel. She carries her hospital card and ID card on her visit to the hospital,  library, and gymnasium.

A contemporary lady’s handbag contains a GSM handset or more, an earphone for listening to music while she walks, some routine drugs, and of course her Bible or Qur’an depending on her religion.

On Sunday morning for her Sunday service, a lady’s bag added to her Bible contains a hymn book, their church Creed Book (whether ROM, CMS, or Pentecostal), and money for tithes and offerings.

For those ladies whose church service takes place on Saturdays, their handbags contain their Creed books. These are some necessary things that should be or are in a lady’s handbag. Are you curious to know what to see in a lady’s handbag? I hope your curiosity has been satisfied and are you eager to know what to have in your handbag as a lady? I hope your questions have been answered.?

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