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The Struggle of Nigerian Women in Civil Service

Labour Union champions the cause of Nigeria Women Civil Servants

By Uche Kalu Introduction: Celebrating the Unsung Heroines of Nigeria’s Civil Service In the intricate machinery of governance, Nigerian women civil servants emerge as unsung heroines, dedicating themselves tirelessly to implement crucial policies and programs vital for the nation’s development. They serve as pillars of strength, contributing significantly across sectors like healthcare, education, security, and infrastructure management. The Backbone of …

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Sisterhood in the Sands: Living Harmoniously in Ancient Africa

Sisterhood in the Sands living harmoniously in Ancient Africa

In ancient Africa, sisterhood among married wives thrived where unity thrived through shared chores, meals, stories and laughter weaving bonds of strength and harmony. Through shared chores and communal meals, they found unity in daily life. Evenings were alive with stories, laughter, and dances by the fire’s glow.  Their bond not bound by blood but by a shared journey of …

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Exercise and Sex for a Youthful You

Exercise: Essential for a youthful you

Introduction: A research led by Dr. David Weeks, a renowned clinical neuro-psychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Scotland, has unveiled exercise and sex as surprising keys to looking and feeling young. Among these, a fulfilling sex life and regular exercise stand out as crucial elements. Let’s delve into the findings and understand how they contribute to maintaining youthfulness. Sex: The …

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Are Women the Weaker Sex?

Women working to feed the family

Introduction: Some people out of ignorance often think and believe that women are the weaker sex. and should be seen and treat as such. This reminds me of an incident that happened some years ago.  In the dimly lit room, the scent of antiseptic hung heavy in the air, blending with the anxious whispers of the awaiting families. In the …

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Maximizing Revenue: An Overview of Anambra Property Land Use Charge (APLUC)

Dr. Greg Ezeilo, The Executive Chairman of Anambra State Internal Revenue Service

Introduction On April 22nd, stakeholders gathered at Revenue House for a crucial meeting convened by the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service. The focus of the meeting was the implementation of Anambra Property Land Use Charge (APLUC), a significant avenue for revenue generation in the state. Understanding APLUC APLUC represents a fresh revenue window for Anambra State, shifting the responsibility of …

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Remembering Mum: A Journey Through Loss and Love

  As I sat quietly on the second row of pews in the church last Sunday, surrounded by the whispers of a sermon dedicated to celebrating Mothering Sunday, memories of my late dear mother flooded my thoughts. Every word spoken echoed the love and sacrifices she made, and I couldn’t help but feel the weight of her absence. Looking around, …

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Celebrating Tradition: The Coronation Anniversary of Ndi Orieke Ohafia

    A Historic Gathering On a remarkable Saturday, March 30, 2024, the esteemed community of Ohafia, Nigeria, gathered in the serene haven of Ndi Orieke Ohafia for an extraordinary event. The occasion? To mark the coronation anniversary of their traditional ruler and to pay homage to outstanding individuals with chieftaincy titles, recognizing their exceptional contributions to society. A Glimpse …

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Navigating Gender Identity in African Culture: Exploring Bobrisky’s Story

   Introduction: Bobrisky’s Rise to Fame In the vibrant tapestry of African culture, discussions surrounding gender identity often intersect with deeply ingrained traditions and societal norms. One figure who has sparked significant conversations within this context is Bobrisky, a Nigerian internet personality renowned for challenging conventions and openly expressing her gender identity. But how can we understand Bobrisky’s narrative within …

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Hurrah, Christ is risen: Women saw Him first!

The Dawn of Hope: Women at the Sepulcher On a sacred Sunday morning, over two thousand years ago, the worfld was forever changed by the faith and courage of three remarkable women: Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome. These women embarked on a poignant journey to the tomb of Jesus Christ, carrying spices to anoint His body. …

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