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Love Found: The Fairytale Marriage of Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn



In a world where love often seems overshadowed by tales of heartbreak and disappointment, the love story of Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn stands as a radiant beacon of hope. Their union, marked by unwavering faith, love, and perseverance, serves as a testament to the enduring power of love amidst adversity. Moses Uyoh Enang, popularly known as Moses Bliss, is a Nigerian gospel singer, worship leader and songwriter. He is the founder of Spotlite Nation, a Nigerian record label.

A Melodic Beginning

Their love story commenced like a sweet melody, enchanting and captivating. Moses Bliss, renowned for his soul-stirring voice and deep passion for music, garnered admiration from audiences far and wide with his uplifting songs. Yet, amidst the applause and acclaim, it was Marie Wiseborn who captured Moses’ heart with her grace, beauty, and steadfast support.

Weathering the Storms of Courtship

Their courtship unfolded as a whirlwind of laughter, shared dreams, and profound conversations beneath the twinkling stars. Despite the myriad challenges they encountered – distance, societal exp

ectations, and personal struggles – their love only blossomed with each passing day. It was a love that defied all odds, resilient and enduring, destined to withstand the tests of time.

The Fairytale Wedding

Amidst the awe of spectators, Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn exchanged vows in a jubilant celebration of love, surrounded by their loved ones and well-wishers. Their wedding resembled a scene straight from a fairytale, a moment of unadulterated happiness and bliss that warmed the hearts of all in attendance.

Lessons in Love

Beyond the glamour of their celebrity status, the love shared by Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn imparts invaluable lessons, particularly to young girls everywhere. Theirs is a narrative of resilience, courage, and unyielding faith in the transformative power of love. It underscores the belief that true love transcends barriers, persevering through trials with trust, communication, and patience.

Inspiring a Generation

For those who dream of their own fairy-tale romance, the story of Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It urges individuals to hold steadfast to their dreams, to believe in the enduring strength of love, and to never settle for anything less than the love they deserve.


In a world often fraught with chaos and uncertainty, the love shared by Moses Bliss and wife shines as a beacon of hope. It serves as a reminder that amidst life’s trials, true love will always prevail. As individuals traverse life’s journey, may they find the courage to pursue their dreams, the resilience to weather life’s storms, and the unwavering faith in love’s power to unite hearts in a beautiful symphony of eternal devotion. For in the end, love will always find a way, just as it did for Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn.

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