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The Struggle of Nigerian Women in Civil Service

Labour Union champions the cause of Nigeria Women Civil Servants

By Uche Kalu Introduction: Celebrating the Unsung Heroines of Nigeria’s Civil Service In the intricate machinery of governance, Nigerian women civil servants emerge as unsung heroines, dedicating themselves tirelessly to implement crucial policies and programs vital for the nation’s development. They serve as pillars of strength, contributing significantly across sectors like healthcare, education, security, and infrastructure management. The Backbone of …

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What To See In A Lady’s Handbag

What To See In A Lady's Handbag

Have you ever seen a well-dressed lady? Let’s take, for instance, a working-class lady in an oil company or a well-paying firm. First of all, she appears in her miniskirt or trouser suit; with a long or short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, with well-manicured and vanished fingers and toenails. She appears in her designer shoes, wristwatch, and jewelry which include …

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