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A Vision for Ukpor: A Community Poised for Transformation


Our brother, Nze Kanayo Chukwumezie, known affectionately as “Onwa,” begins his passionate call to the people of Ukpor. As he steps forward with a vision that promises transparency, growth, and security, he paints a picture of a future where every citizen feels valued and protected.

Building on Strong Foundations

Kanayo Chukwumezie’s vision for Ukpor is not built in isolation. “I plan to build on the strong foundations laid by our past PGs,” he says, with a respectful nod to his predecessors. Their legacies are important, and he intends to complete ongoing projects while initiating new ones that reflect the evolving needs of the community. His approach is one of collaboration and continuity, ensuring that the progress made is never lost but rather enhanced.

Prioritizing Food Security and Safety

Nze Kanayo Chukwumezie in one of his recent Community Youth Empowerment Programs in Abuja

Insecurity and food scarcity are intertwined issues that Kanayo aims to address head-on. “Insecurity stems from youth restiveness, which is often a result of unemployment,” he explains. His solution is both simple and profound: providing every youth in Ukpor with three pathways—education, apprenticeship, or employment. “By establishing a community fund, we can empower our young people, reduce crime, and foster a sense of purpose,” he asserts. This strategy is designed to create a ripple effect, addressing the root causes of unrest and fostering a stable, prosperous community.

Enhancing Security Measures

Security is a cornerstone of Kanayo’s plan for Ukpor. He envisions a robust security outfit equipped with the latest communication tools, understanding that effective communication is as vital as weaponry. “Our youth will also be mobilized to protect our forests and farmlands,” he says, highlighting a community-based approach to safety. His personal experiences with insecurity, having had to close repatriated businesses due to safety concerns, add a poignant touch to his commitment.

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Collaboration for Greater Impact

Ukpor’s strategic position as the headquarters of Nnewi South Local Government Area offers unique opportunities for regional collaboration. Kanayo intends to unite the PGs of neighboring towns to strengthen security efforts collectively. His experience as Chairman of the Old Nnewi Division in Abuja will be invaluable in fostering this collaboration, ensuring that Ukpor leads by example in regional security initiatives.

Revitalizing Idle Projects

Kanayo is keenly aware of several non-functional projects in Ukpor, such as the Skills Acquisition Center in Umuahama. “I will identify and revitalize these projects,” he promises. The Nkwo Oha market will also receive the attention it needs to become fully operational, while improved transportation within the local government area is on his agenda.

Promoting Agriculture and Food Security

Kanayo’s vision for agriculture is innovative and community-driven. By introducing competitive farming initiatives, he aims to boost food security and encourage sustainable agricultural practices. This approach not only ensures food availability but also fosters a sense of pride and achievement among local farmers.

Strengthening Traditional Institutions

“Our traditional institutions must reflect our rich cultural heritage,” Kanayo believes. He envisions enhancing the palace of the Igwe of Ukpor to symbolize cultural aesthetics and authority. This could involve constructing a permanent residence for the Igwe, showcasing Ukpor’s respect and pride in its cultural leaders.

Encouraging Housing and Industrial Development

With improved security, Kanayo plans to promote the development of housing and industrial estates in Ukpor. These initiatives, driven by the private sector, will create jobs and stimulate economic growth, provided they are supported by a conducive environment.

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Political Neutrality and Cooperation

Kanayo’s political neutrality positions him uniquely to work with any government, fostering cooperation and encouraging a politics-free of bitterness. “As a politically neutral leader, I am well-positioned to work with any government,” he states, emphasizing his commitment to unity and progress.

A Proven Track Record

Kanayo’s track record speaks volumes. As Chairman of Ukpor Improvement Union Abuja branch, he secured land for Ukpor within a year—a project that had been on the drawing board for over 20 years. His facility in Abuja has hosted meetings for various community groups for years, demonstrating his commitment to fostering unity and collaboration.

His tenure as Vice President General and Acting President General of Anambra towns in Abuja strengthened his relationships with government officials, allowing him to advocate effectively for Ukpor. From presenting at a Senate hearing for the establishment of an orthopedic hospital in Ukpor to organizing tributes for prominent figures, Kanayo’s efforts reflect his dedication to community service.

A Call to Action

“Securing our community is the foundation for all other progress,” Kanayo asserts. His vision is one of collective effort and shared responsibility, creating an environment that attracts investment, generates quality jobs, and sustains security. “It is a glorious circle,” he says, describing the virtuous cycle of growth and prosperity he envisions for Ukpor.

Endorsed by his village, Mputu, and the Ukpor Improvement Union Abuja branch, Kanayo presents himself for service with a heartfelt call to action. “The zoning system ensures fair representation and eliminates unhealthy politicking,” he explains. As the candidate for Zone 2, comprising Umuhu, Mputu, and Amihe, he stands ready to lead with integrity and vision.

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