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One Event, Many Versions: The Tragic Fate of Celine and Afiba

A Nation in Shock

Trending recently is the tragic fate of Celine and her Ghanaian friend, Afiba in the hands of the suspected culprit, Andrew. The details of this news quickly became shrouded in controversy, with multiple versions of the story adding to the confusion and heartbreak.

A Fatal Journey

Celine and Afiba’s journey began with excitement and promise. They had been invited by a man they met on Facebook to spend a weekend in Aba, with the promise of receiving N1 million. Eager for the adventure, they traveled from Port Harcourt to Aba. Upon their arrival, the girls were treated to a lavish outing, which Celine documented on Instagram, sharing their joy with friends. However, soon after, they disappeared, leaving their families desperate and frantic for answers.

Uncovering the Horrific Truth

The man they went to meet, Andrew, had a dark past. Known to his friend Ben as a UK citizen wanted for past crimes, Andrew had relocated to Nigeria in 2001, first to Port Harcourt and then to Aba. Ben recounted Andrew’s sinister history, revealing a man capable of terrible acts.

It was eventually discovered that Andrew had murdered Celine and Afiba! This gruesome revelation of the fate of the two girls shocked the entire nation.

A Nation Demands Justice

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated blogger named Harrison Gwamnishu, Andrew was captured. However, the story took another tragic turn when Andrew was killed while being transported to Abuja. This incident raised serious doubts and suspicions among Nigerians, who began to question the integrity of the police and their investigation.

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Conflicting Stories Emerge

The public was soon inundated with conflicting narratives. One blogger claimed that Afiba had traveled from Dubai to Nigeria to buy dog food. Another version suggested that the girls had gone to Aba for a hook-up. Regarding Andrew, many people came forward with stories of his notorious past. One woman recounted her narrow escape from a similar fate after being lured to Aba by Andrew.

The Search for Truth

Amidst the swirling rumors, some alleged that Andrew had been released by the police until Harrison Gwamnishu shared proof of his death from a morgue in Otukpo. This was confirmed by those who knew him, adding another layer of complexity to the story. The nation was left grappling with doubts and a yearning for the truth.

A Heartfelt Plea

In the wake of this tragedy, Nigerians are left with a profound plea: may we not fall victim to such senseless violence, and may justice be served for Celine and Afiba. The nation mourns their loss and continues to seek the truth, hoping for a future where such tragedies are prevented and trust is restored.


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