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Celebrating Tradition: The Coronation Anniversary of Ndi Orieke Ohafia



A Historic Gathering

On a remarkable Saturday, March 30, 2024, the esteemed community of Ohafia, Nigeria, gathered in the serene haven of Ndi Orieke Ohafia for an extraordinary event. The occasion? To mark the coronation anniversary of their traditional ruler and to pay homage to outstanding individuals with chieftaincy titles, recognizing their exceptional contributions to society.

A Glimpse into History

Ndi Orieke Ohafia traces its roots back to the founding by Orieke Okwara, believed to be one of the brothers of Asaga Ukwu Ohafia. Nestled amidst the boundaries of Asaga, Akanu, and Eziafor Ohafia, this community shares a rich history with its neighboring cousins.

The Rise to Autonomy

In recent years, Ndi Orieke gained autonomy, evolving into the Amaedo Ohafor Autonomous Community. The coronation of its inaugural traditional ruler, Eze Obuma Kalu Obuma, Okwara Ezema 1, was met with jubilation and ceremony, signifying a new chapter of leadership and unity.

Honoring Contributions: A Day of Recognition

Amidst the festivities, the traditional ruler deemed it fitting to celebrate the invaluable contributions of select individuals towards fostering peace and prosperity within the community.

Gratitude and Reflection

Addressing the gathering, President-General Kalu Uduma Ibem expressed heartfelt gratitude for the success of the historic occasion. He praised the efforts of the awardees, acknowledging their pivotal roles in enhancing community welfare.

Spiritual Guidance and Unity

Rev. Ezema Mba delivered a poignant sermon, urging community members to emulate the virtues of Christ and safeguard the unity and progress of Ndi Orieke. Eze Obuma Kalu Obuma offered prayers for continued peace and unity.

A Mark of Honor: Chieftaincy Titles Conferred

The highlight of the event was the conferment of chieftaincy titles upon esteemed individuals; recognizing their unwavering dedication to community development.

A Symbol of Grace and Glory

Renowned journalist, Chief Mrs. Uche Kalu received the title “Ada Eji Eje Mba 1” with humility and optimism. Expressing gratitude, she pledged to uphold the unity and dignity of the community, echoing the sentiment that righteousness establishes a city.

Community Support and Encouragement

Pastor Sunday Kalu, husband to Chief Mrs. Uche Kalu, emphasized her tireless contributions to community growth and encouraged continued support for the traditional ruler’s vision.

Embracing Responsibility and Legacy

Chief Uduma Agwu, honored with the title “Ikenga Umuando 1,” expressed joy and renewed commitment to societal support. Likewise, Chief Ukpola Ogbuka, bestowed with the title “Onwa na Agbara Oha 1,” pledged allegiance to the throne and prayed for communal progress.

A Legacy Unfolds: Ndi Orieke’s Prominence

With this ceremony, Ndi Orieke solidifies its position as a prominent community in Ohafia. Blessed with vast agricultural lands and the mystical river “Eze lyi Aku,” it stands as a testament to tradition and progress.

Celebration and Unity

Following the conferment, guests reveled in sumptuous meals and drinks, celebrating not just individuals but the collective spirit of Ndi Orieke. Looking ahead, Chairman Prof. Eziyi Offia promises even more captivating events, ensuring that the maiden ceremony sets a precedent for future celebrations. 

In the heart of Ohafia, amidst the whispers of history and the promise of the future, Ndi Orieke Ohafia stands as a beacon of tradition, unity, and progress.


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