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Faith Morey, one of the stars of the new reality TV show Real Housewives of Lagos, has taken to Instagram to blast her co-star Iyabo Ojo, calling her a “shameless bully.”

The feud between the two women began on the show, where they were often seen arguing and clashing. However, it seems that the feud has now spilled over into real life, with Faith Morey taking to social media to publicly attack Iyabo Ojo.

It all started when Iyabo responded to criticism she was receiving regarding her conflict with Faith on the show, she said, “This season 2, l’m a Vawulance child, i signed up to be the villain on the show, so I know it will come with alot of dragging like i better pass my neighbor.”

There was a part in the show where Iyabo intentionally walked all over the train of Faith’s dress, she addressed this in her post, “The train matter was part of my own gbasgbos strategy.

I expected the dragging. On a normal day, I will never ever step on any ones iru, sorry train except maybe na by mistake, Even that same day, once the cameras went off, I apologized, even at the beach house, I apologized again to her.”

Faith Morey then responded to Iyabo’s claims and accused Iyabo Ojo of being a bully and of trying to intimidate her. She also said that Iyabo Ojo had spread lies about her to other members of the cast.

“Own your crude, crass behavior with your chests!! You never liked me from the very first day you met me and you never stopped showing me that.” Faith wrote in the post.“I never did anything to you and you never for once apologized for anything or saw how badly you treated me! You never gave me a chance! You wanted to be close to anyone who disliked me because you are nothing but a shameless bully!

I wish the producers showed everything in full!! Edits were even to your advantage but your spiteful behavior can’t even escape edits! Stop trying to downplay the show!!”
Iyabo Ojo has not yet responded to Faith Morey’s accusations. However, it is clear that the feud between the two women is far from over.

The Real Housewives of Lagos is a new reality TV show that follows the lives of six wealthy women living in Lagos, Nigeria. The show has been a hit with viewers, and it has been praised for its honest and unfiltered portrayal of the lives of its stars.

However, the feud between Faith Morey and Iyabo Ojo has gotten fans talking. Many viewers have expressed their disappointment at the two women’s behavior.

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